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I like this commercial!

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Italo Fontana gained an unreal success, realizing ideas of his grandfather Ivo Fontana. The family business of Fontana over the years was the design of cloths. Since his young years Italo was involved and liked it. As a young designer Italo was interested in design of furniture and accessories.
In 2000 Italo started to learn about documents from his grandfathers archive. Among it were documents of 1942 about developing wristwatches for the Italian Navy.

Though the project was ultimately scrapped, the distinctive original drawings and color samples were lovingly preserved for more than 60 years. Italo picked it up and spent seven years designing the U-BOAT timepiece and now everyone is looking at the U-BOAT as one of the greatest in the business which is handcrafted in Italy by master craftsmen.


Deadly christmas present idea

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Wow, you want to be the coolest in the gang? Check out these extraordinary cool “fridge” gadgets – the Ninja Shuriken Magnets! For just USD18 and sent to your home in 3 days. Includes a set of 2 magnets in the form of shurikens so that you can deliver messages with ninja spirit!

Buy – bought – bought!


Cool programming on LEGO™

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